Tim Kowal

Kowal Family 2016Tim is a husband, father, attorney, and a former drummer and tech-business owner. He moved to Huntington Beach shortly after graduating UC Irvine in 1998, with brief stays in Orange and Long Beach while he and his wife, Andi, attended their graduate studies at Chapman and the American Film Institute. Tim was raised in Long Beach; Andi is a first-generation native of Huntington Beach, her father having been raised in Hawaii. Their children, Audrey and Charlie, were both born and have lived their entire lives in Huntington Beach.

Emphasizing the doctrine of subsidiarity, Tim reserves distrust for government to the state and federal levels: our local governments are where we have the greatest ability, and responsibility, to help our families and our communities. Far-away governments are unresponsive, but this does not excuse us of our responsibility to respond to local concerns, or to hold local leaders to account. Limit government, not our engagement.

Tim writes at New Reform Club, and previously at Ordinary Times and Notes From Babel.

You can find Tim’s scholarly writings and selected articles at his Avvo page or at SSRN. His professional bio can be found here.


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