*All Invited!* COMMUNITY MEETING, Thurs. Mar. 31, 2011 7:00 – 8:45 p.m., Central Library, Room C

Special Guest Speakers: Joe Carchio, Mayor Fred Wilson, City Manager Each will discuss their objectives for the city this year. HBT brings you the opportunity to hear directly from our city leaders. The relaxed setting allows you to ask questions about local issues important to you. The meeting is free of charge. All Huntington Beach …

Kettler School Offered For Lease

Huntington Beach Tomorrow’s position on closed school sites is to preserve the open space and allow development only within the footprint of the existing buildings on the property.

Couey and Roselius join HBT board

By Karen Jackle We welcome two new directors to the Huntington Beach Tomorrow Board of Directors: Linda D. Couey and Shawn Roselius. Couey and Roselius bring additional facets of leadership and experience to the board and we look forward to their contributions to the HBT mission.

Beach-Edinger Corridor Projects Need Traffic Gridlock Resolution

By Ed Kerins The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Murdy Commons mixed-use project, at Edinger and Gothard, EIR and site plan on Feb. 8. Comments on the Beach-Warner mixed-use project EIR are due by Feb. 22. The levels of development intensity fall within the approved Beach-Edinger Corridor Specific Plan (BECSP) provisions …

School Board approves solar site that will obscure Historic Landmark

School Board approves solar site that will obscure Historic Landmark By Angela Rainsberger The Dwyer Solar Group (DSG) and supporting community members are in favor of solar power for the HB City School District, but they are strongly opposed to any “front of the school” location for the giant 138’-long by 32’-deep by 13’-tall, carport-style …

Farley, Shaw receive endorsement

The board fully realizes four open seats will be filled in the Nov. 2 election and that four new resident-orientated council members are needed to change the current 'development-at-any-cost' philosophy of the current city council," wrote Ed Kerins, the group's vice president in the newsletter.