School Board approves solar site that will obscure Historic Landmark

School Board approves solar site that will obscure Historic Landmark By Angela Rainsberger The Dwyer Solar Group (DSG) and supporting community members are in favor of solar power for the HB City School District, but they are strongly opposed to any “front of the school” location for the giant 138’-long by 32’-deep by 13’-tall, carport-style …


2010 City Council Candidate Questionnaire

The following questionnaire was sent to all of the HB City Council Candidates. We have summarized the candidates’ responses below and also attached their detailed responses in a PDF file at the bottom.

Farley, Shaw receive endorsement

The board fully realizes four open seats will be filled in the Nov. 2 election and that four new resident-orientated council members are needed to change the current 'development-at-any-cost' philosophy of the current city council," wrote Ed Kerins, the group's vice president in the newsletter.