Membership Dues

Don’t forget to renew your membership to Huntington Beach Tomorrow.  These dues help keep HBT active in the decisions that affect all of us in Huntington Beach.  Please encourage friends and neighbors to join too.  Fill out the membership form on the back of the newsletter mailed to you or print the form from this website.  Your membership is important to the important work of HBT!

Please mail your membership check to: HBT, P.O. Box 865, Huntington Beach CA 92648 or pay your annual dues here

2 Replies to “MEMBERSHIP”

  1. Outstanding newsletter…informs HBT members of HB issues as well as bordering city (Westminster Mall) and county and regional issues that affect our city. I also appreciate that HBT agrees that large unaffordable apartment buildings with inadequate parking and setbacks is the most serious threat to our city. I would agree that HB has an sufficient number of apartments and any future need can be achieved by converting existing apartments to the desired use. Also in my opinion Poseidon has been a scam from day one! Although I disagree with some HBT positions, I appreciate reasoned arguments made in behalf of those positions.
    Dave Sullivan

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