HB Tomorrow has one overarching mission:

To preserve and enhance the quality of life in Huntington Beach.

More specifically, HB Tomorrow works for these public goods:

  •     Encourage citizen participation
  •     Promote a clean and healthy environment
  •     Pursue an efficient and safe traffic flow throughout the city
  •     Advocate for an open and responsive government
  •     Support the preservation of open space
  •     Encourage responsible planned growth
  •     Promote a sound infrastructure
  •     Advocate for responsible spending by the city government
  •     Support recreational opportunities for all
  •     Promote a sustainable tax base

What is HB Tomorrow working on in 2017?

HB Tomorrow is actively promoting and meeting with councilmembers and staff to make Huntington Beach the next non-toxic city in Southern California, removing toxic herbicides and pesticides from our parks and other public spaces to keep our children, adults, and pets safe, save water, and protect the environment. It is a safe, effective, and cost-neutral option.

Huntington Beach tomorrow will be a Non-Toxic HB.

2 Replies to “Mission”

  1. HB Tomorrow is ready to plunge into 2011 We are not in the photo of the plunge at the pier on 1/01/11 but we have mentally plunged into city issues this week. Go HBT!

  2. Pleasse save the date! 3/31/11 at 7:00PM Central Library Room C. Come to our ANNUAL Meeting. Join/Renew your membership. Vote for HBT Directors and hear our Mayor and City Manager (Joe & Fred) update us on our beloved City. Bring your constructive suggestions and questions too.

    Karen Jackle
    Huntington Beach Tomorrow

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