About Huntington Beach Tomorrow

About HBT

HB Tomorrow has been a voice for residents in Huntington Beach for over two decades. As the city grows, changes and approaches build out, new — and old — issues arise for which the mission of HBT continues to be relevant.

With a diverse membership, we won’t always agree on every issue or candidate, and votes will vary with the makeup of our Board of Directors. The strength of HBT is that it remains nonpartisan and that we remain committed to focusing on sustaining a high quality of life in our city.

As a grassroots volunteer organization, the scope of the organization’s involvement is always determined by the availability of the leadership and members to tackle issues within the timeframe set by city government and law.

Member service on boards and commissions furthers HBT’s ability to monitor significant matters early in their development. Over the years the organization has amassed a vast institutional knowledge base through its members’ service.

A robust membership is critical to achieving our mission. Many voices joined as one have a powerful impact on the course of events. Membership tends to flourish or diminish based on the perception of compelling issues. It is part of HBT’s mission to keep residents aware of and educated about the impacts of essential city business and issues.

HBT always strives to be advocates, to share positive comments, suggestions, and solutions, and to focus on issues rather than personalities.

HBT’s History

Huntington Beach Tomorrow was founded in the late 1980s by State Senator Tom Harman and then-planning commissioner Geri Ortega to promote a countywide controlled-growth initiative. HBT
held well-attended monthly meetings that engaged many leaders and organizations in the community.

When Debbie Cook and Dave Sullivan approached HBT for support and endorsement of the Measure C effort in 1990, HBT agreed, and its support was vital to the successful initiative.

In 1992, HBT took a very active part in the City Council election, purchasing campaign signs for their  endorsed slate of Vic Leipzig, Mark Porter and Dave Sullivan. For years, the HB Company and developers had controlled the city council. A project of 5,700 homes was roaring towards approval on the Bolsa Chica. Leipzig and Sullivan joined sitting council members Grace Winchell and Linda Moulton-Patterson to secure a citizens’ majority for the first time in many years.

About this same time, HBT began holding its annual fundraiser to raise money to support city council candidates that share its mission and goals. The HBT political action committee (PAC) was formed to enable active participation through endorsement of candidates for the Huntington Beach City Council.

Contact Information

We look forward to hearing from you and want to hear your views.  If you are a member, thank you.  If you are thinking about becoming a member, give us a call.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application on this website and mail in your check for the appropriate amount.

This website is going to be continually improved and added to in the future.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we would like to hear them.  Please e-mail your comments to the address below.

Postal address : P.O. Box 865, Huntington Beach, California USA 92648

E-mail: info@hbtomorrow.com

Website: http://hbtomorrow.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hb.tomorrow/

HBT Board of Directors

Directors & Officers

Karen Jackle, President

Tim Kowal, Treasurer   Mary Jo Baretich, Vice-President


Randy Coe

Rob Sternberg

Dan Jamieson

HBT’s Mission

HB Tomorrow has one overarching mission:

To preserve and enhance the quality of life in Huntington Beach.

More specifically, HB Tomorrow works for these public goods:

  •     Encourage citizen participation
  •     Promote a clean and healthy environment
  •     Pursue an efficient and safe traffic flow throughout the city
  •     Advocate for an open and responsive government
  •     Support the preservation of open space
  •     Encourage responsible planned growth
  •     Promote a sound infrastructure
  •     Advocate for responsible spending by the city government
  •     Support recreational opportunities for all
  •     Promote a sustainable tax base

What is HB Tomorrow working on in 2017?

HB Tomorrow is actively promoting and meeting with councilmembers and staff to make Huntington Beach the next non-toxic city in Southern California, removing toxic herbicides and pesticides from our parks and other public spaces to keep our children, adults, and pets safe, save water, and protect the environment. It is a safe, effective, and cost-neutral option.

Huntington Beach tomorrow will be a Non-Toxic HB.

Upcoming Projects in the City

See the PLANNING DEPARTMENT’S latest project update list for a quick reference and update of current projects.

City Council Agendas and Meeting Minutes

All City Council agendas and meeting minutes are available here.  Contact the City Clerk’s office here. Planning commission agendas are available here.

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