City Property for Private Development?

By Dan Jamieson

Huntington Beach city staff are set to interview developers who could build on parts of the civic center, the public works yard on Gothard St., and the Lake Street fire station.

In return, the developer would revamp the civic center, police headquarters, the public works yard, the lifeguard headquarters and the fire station–improvements worth an estimated $60 million overall. As part of the project, the Lake Street station could be relocated onto the civic center site.

The goal is to have a proposed development agreement before the council in August, staff said at the June 15, 2021 council meeting.

In March, the council OK’ed putting our a request-for-proposal to developers.


One Reply to “City Property for Private Development?”

  1. I hope HBT gets involved with in depth review and action on this. The potential for collusion between city departments and the developer at the expense of the public’s quality of life is great. Modernizing facilities as we have in the past may still be the best way to proceed.

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