Westminster Mall Plan Envisions Multi-Story Residential, Office

By Dan Jamieson

On Monday, August 19, 2019, the city of Westminster gave an update to its evolving plan to redevelop the Westminster mall. The slide show is here.

The initial development outline envisions extensive multi-story residential and office properties.

The proposal has 3- to 4-story residential and office buildings along Edwards Street and Bolsa Ave., going up to 4-6 stories behind the street fronts. (See page 37 and onward from the slideshow.) A hotel of up to 8-stories is at Goldenwest and Bolsa Ave., and 6- to 10-story office buildings are envisioned along the 405 Freeway side. The existing mall’s retail space will more or less remain intact, but with improvements.

Some will no doubt feel the planned development is too intense, especially given no extra capacity planned for the existing roadways.

Westminster says it wants the plan to be primarily a commercial activity center with residential uses (not vice versa), and to respect surrounding uses (which are primarily single-family homes).

Another community workshop will be hosted at the end of September. HB and surrounding residents are encouraged to comment. Sign up for updates at https://www.westminster-ca.gov/our_city/depts/cd/planning/westminster_mall_specific_plan.asp, or email Alexa Smittle at asmittle@westminster-ca.gov .


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