Coyotes Are Here To Stay

27771-coyote-and-carSome HB residents feel the City should remove coyotes, but the fact is these wild animals are here to stay. Relocation is not an option, as coyotes rarely survive relocation outside of their established territories. When coyotes are trapped by the City or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, they are always euthanized.

Residents can report coyote incidents and sightings to the City here.

The City has a coyote management plan that allows for removal, but only after multiple aggressive incidents against pets or where an animal shows it is habitualized to humans.  Removal does not diminish the number of coyotes in an area—the opposite, in fact. Transient coyotes will move in to fill the vacuum, and existing packs may have larger litters if the breeding male or female are removed.

As HB residents know, coyotes prey on smaller pets. Although unfortunate, this is natural coyote behavior (and an easy meal). Rodents make up a majority of their diet, but their diet is varied. The City encourages residents to remove outdoor pet food and other food sources, and to always haze coyotes when sighted. To haze, face them, yell and make noise, and keep after the animal until it leaves. Coyotes can become habitualized to humans if they are not hazed every time they are encountered in urban areas.

HB police chief Robert Handy and PD staffer Kristin Miller in December 2018 gave an update on the management plan to the City Council. See the presentation beginning at 2:42 on the video here.

Fish and Wildlife also has more information on its “Keep Me Wild” Coyote page.


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