HBT On The Issues: Short-term rentals

*This post is part of a series, “HBT On The Issues,” that lets visitors know where HB Tomorrow has stood on specific issues in Huntington Beach. If you would like to know where HB stands on an issue of interest to you, please contact us at info@hbtomorrow.org.

Huntington Beach currently bans short-term vacation rentals, defined as residences rented for fewer than 30 consecutive days. Yet, many short-term rentals operate anyway. The city gets complaints about these rental units, mostly about noise, traffic, parking, and garbage. It tells people to contact code enforcement if they suspect a home is being illegally rented. Detractors of short-term rentals, including the hotel industry, say short-term rentals operate without proper oversight and zoning. But supporters of short-term rentals say the city should legalize them, regulate them and collect bed taxes.

HBT supports a policy that would allow homeowners to generate extra income through rentals, in recognition of owners’ property rights and the high cost of housing. But respect must be paid to one’s neighbors as well, so HBT also supports preventing commercial renters from leasing multiple properties. For example, some cities have addressed the issue by limiting short-term rentals to primary homeowners and restricting the number of days a host can rent.

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