Print & Post the Non-Toxic HB Flyer

Print and post copies of the Non-Toxic HB flyer by Non-Toxic Flyer.

Don’t forget to sign the petition and tell others to sign!Non-Toxic Flyer.jpg

Places to leave or distribute copies:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Libraries
  • Senior Center
  • If a student, to other students at your school
  • If a teacher, to other teachers
  • If a parent, to other parents
  • At parks!

2 Replies to “Print & Post the Non-Toxic HB Flyer”

  1. Hi, I am impressed with your activism and petition to remove toxic herbicides in HB parks. I would like to start one of my own petitions in La Habra. Would it be possible to contact Tim or someone from your group? I would be so grateful!

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