Sign the Non-Toxic HB Petition by August 7

As seen in the Daily Pilot on July 13:

Sign the Petition to Tell HB leadership to stop using toxic pesticides in our parks

Sign the petition here.

On May 1, HB City Council directed staff to test non-toxic methods in Central Park West and report back to Council with results and recommendations on August 7. Please sign the petition to show Council that you support expanding the program and making it permanent.


Public Works tells HBT the testing is seeing results similar to Irvine’s highly popular and highly successful program.

Let Council and Fred Wilson know you want them to expand the program! They need to hear from you!

Sign and share with friends and neighbors!

You can find more non-toxic info here.

We also need you to appear at public comments on August 7!

If you cannot attend, at least please send a note of support via the Surf City Pipeline here. Click on “+ New Issue” and leave a note of support. For reference, here is a sample letter:

Dear Mayor Delgleize and Councilmembers,

Please instruct staff to stop using the Prop 65-listed glyphosate in our parks. The minimal costs in transitioning to proven non-toxic protocols do not justify continuing to subject the public to the health costs these chemicals impose.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that there is no safe level of pesticide or herbicide exposure for children. Toxic pesticides and herbicides have been shown to lower IQ, cause cancer, damage developing reproductive organs, and cause other significant harm.

In clay soils like ours, the half-life of glyphosate can be as long as 22 years. And the interactions between the many chemicals being sprayed near our homes and in our parks are unknown. According to David Bellinger, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, “Impacts from multiple chemicals may simply add up, amplify one another’s effects.”

By allowing children to be exposed to chemicals of unknown toxicity, we are unwittingly using our children in a massive experiment. The place to start is with easily substituted chemicals that have only cosmetic value, like weedkillers in our parks.

Please stop the use of all toxic pesticides and herbicides, and switch to organic methods. It is not only safer — it is also more water-efficient and either cost-neutral or cost-saving over time.


[Your name]

But it’s much more effective if you look them in the whites of their eyes on August 7! You can email me at to coordinate. I hope to see you there!

HB Tomorrow


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