Rodgers Senior Center Site

Here is HB Tomorrow’s letter to the City about keeping the old site of the Rodgers Senior Center downtown public space [PDF]:


December 17, 2015

Huntington Beach City Council
2000 Main St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

RE: Michael E. Rodgers Senior Center Site

Dear City Council,

Our Board of Directors has made a resolution to request the city: “if any development of the Rogers Senior Center Site occurs, acquisition of new public parkland downtown for open space should replace it.”

Leave the current park open space zoning. While rezoning the site to residential may offer future tax revenue from the homes built upon it, a dense, non-conforming group of homes with a small park space does not serve as an equal asset to what it would replace for residents. Past analysis has shown that residential development does not support ongoing funding for infrastructure needed to support it.

Downtown Huntington Beach is almost built out and there is very little park space available. The city owns the Rodgers Site and it is currently park space.  Although the city may count the beach as credit for park space for downtown, by use, this is unfair as the beach serves more than just downtown and is a different use than in our other city parks. Parks are a community gathering spot.

Residential development generally should not come at the price of a net reduction in public lands. We would like to know where the revenue from the sale of the site will be allocated and how much would be for downtown. The Rodgers Site should not be rezoned to residential.


Karen Jackle
Huntington Beach Tomorrow

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