General Plan: How does it affect our future?

by Karen Jackle
Over 10 years ago, prior to the ramp up of technology, a big map was placed on the floor and residents who came to review the general plan looked at this map with all the parcels in the city and made notes on it. That has changed and so has our city. Over that same 10 years, HB Tomorrow members worked on the Infrastructure Committee, on the Charter Amendments Committee and other committees and also commented at town hall meetings regarding the Beach-Edinger Corridor, as well as other issues.

Do you like the intensity of the development along the Beach-Edinger Corridor or did that just slip through? HB Tomorrow members were at city meetings and on committees for years trying to prevent approval of exceptions requested by developers, like was done at Bella Terra as an example, for tandem parking and more narrow drives, to eliminate pockets for bus stops, for less low and very low income-affordable housing.

Only 800 residents participated in general plan workshops for this current general plan that will direct the next ten years of our future. We hope you will enjoy the direction the city takes with its revised general plan based on feedback received.

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