Sewer Enhancements

Readers may not be aware of the existence of the Sunset Beach Sanitary District (SBSD). Founded in 1934, it is a California Special District chartered to provide sewer and trash service for the people of Sunset Beach, Surfside and 17 homes on Sunset Island in Huntington Beach. Property tax-paying citizens within the District enjoy significantly lower sewer and trash fees than those in the surrounding districts of Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.


This past December 19th, the Sunset Beach Sanitary District tied its main sewer line into the recently completed Huntington Beach gravity line that comes down the center of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), at the junction with Warner Avenue. SBSD paid Huntington Beach over $800,000 for the tie-in privilege plus construction costs for the gravity spur. Downstream savings will soon start to accumulate because the SBSD sewer pump station that was located on Warner in front of the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant has been eliminated. The saving in expenses for electricity that was once used to run the sewer pumps should amount to approximately $100,000 per year.


Other Sunset Beach Sanitary District projects include the recently completed re-routing of sewer laterals to homes at the north end of Surfside and the planned permanent installation of a once portable generator set at the Broadway Avenue pump station. The latter element is undergoing Coastal Commission review.


Electrical, FIOS Utilities

In other news, Southern California Edison this last summer completed the undergrounding of electrical utilities along Pacific Coast Highway in Sunset Beach. Because of PCH’s status as a Scenic California Highway, the work was performed without direct charge to PCH businesses or residents.


There remains an unfortunate snag in the project completion because Verizon, which has its FIOS fibers strung from some of the utility poles, and originally agreed to underground them, has now reneged. Edison and Verizon have a court date over the matter. Meanwhile, it may be noticed that the remaining utility poles have their tops chopped off at the level where the FIOS cables attach.


Seasonal Fun

The month of December also saw yearly revival of the Sunset Beach Yot Parade. This for-fun event, which could be considered somewhat of a spoof of the Huntington Harbour Yacht Parade, involves citizens decorating their cars and bikes for the holiday season; and, with Huntington Beach fire engine #47 leading the way, parading through the local neighborhood in the early evening.


Looking forward to Spring, the Sunset Beach Art Festival, sponsored by the Las Damas women’s club, is again targeted for Mother’s Day weekend. Funds raised go to philanthropic causes such as shelters and school art programs, as well as support of the Nobel’s Family Community Center. A new kitchen at the Community Center is in the works for this year’s event.

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