To the Coastal Commission re: Poseidon

Here is HB Tomorrow’s letter to the California Coastal Commission about the Poseidon desalination project [PDF]:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105- 2219

October 23, 2013

RE: A-5-HNB-06-101 Poseidon

Dear Coastal Commission:

HB Tomorrow (HBT) recommends the Commission sustain Appeal No.

A-5-HNB-06-101 and remand the coastal development permit (CDP) to the City of Huntington Beach for compliance with its local coastal plan (LCP) and further deliberations.

Furthermore, the desalination project has undergone substantive changes from the project that the City approved in February 2006 and subsequently in September 2010.  HBT believes the City is deserving of another look at the project to deliberate on the changes, especially the size, routing, and environmental impacts of locating and constructing the necessary water delivery pipelines. These proposed delivery pipelines, in and of themselves, are inconsistent with the City’s LCP concerning available infrastructure.

HBT is also concerned about the project’s future compliance with the State Water Resources Control Board Ocean Plan Amendment on Desalination.  So far, Poseidon Resources has shown no willingness to comply with the most probable policies of that Ocean Plan Amendment regarding seawater intakes and brine discharge.

HBT has other concerns as well:  1) the project’s proximity to the Magnolia Marsh and probable impacts on that protected coastal resource; 2) the project’s location in known active fault and tsunami run-up zones together with being built in an area of very high liquefaction; and, 3) the project’s proximity to ASCON toxic waste site and plans to lay a large pipeline along Hamilton Avenue adjacent to the ASCON site.

Huntington Beach Tomorrow opposes Poseidon Resources construction and operation of a seawater desalination plant on the proposed site as currently planned.  We request that the Coastal Commission deny the CDP for the project and return the matter to the City of Huntington Beach for a more thorough review.


Karen Jackle, President

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