HBT Fundraiser honoring Dave Sullivan

Hope you can join
Huntington Beach Tomorrow
as we recognize:
Dave Sullivan
For his long service to HB Tomorrow
Huntington Beach Beer Company
201 Main St (upstairs)
July 19, 2012 6:30-9:30pm
Your $25 donation supports HBT
RSVP info@hbtomorrow.com or 714-840-4015

2 Replies to “HBT Fundraiser honoring Dave Sullivan”

  1. We honor Dave and speak together about what is important in HB and, what candidates are our choices for the 3 slots on HB City Council; we visit with new and continuing HBT members. Save the date now.

  2. With the city council election coming up, the people of Huntington Beach should examine the fund raising of the candidates. Two in particular are Tim Ryan and Devin Dwyer. These two have raised thousands of dollars just for a city council seat. Far out spending the other candidates. It begs the question; Is there some ulterior motive for this? In my opinion, it looks like somebody trying to get elected at any cost to serve their own self interest over the needs of the city.

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