Shea Parkside

Here is HB Tomorrow’s letter to the Coastal Commission about the proposed development at Bolsa Chica in 2012 [PDF]:

June 27, 2012

Meg Vaughn, Staff Analyst
California Coastal Commission
200 Oceangate, 10th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802-4416

RE:      CDP 5-11-68 Shea Parkside

Dear Coastal Commission Directors:

Huntington Beach Tomorrow thanks you for taking more time to consider the proposed development containing wetlands which is part of the Bolsa Chica ecological system.  Existing wetlands must be retained and there is evidence more onsite areas are wetlands than as proposed in this development.

Dewatering is an issue of concern to homeowners in existing neighborhoods adjoining this site in addition to flood protection adjoining the Slater Channel and buffering proposals for the future residential construction. The site was altered through farming; regrading to remove massive amounts of soil, put in wells to dewater the specific site then place large amounts of fill dirt to raise the height of the site will have a direct effect on adjoining neighborhoods and the entire Bolsa Chica ecological system.

Funds collected for the unpermitted fill by Shea since 1996 need to stay in Huntington Beach to preserve Bolsa Chica wetlands. Please identify the value offset of the damage done and make any approvals subject to redirection of these funds when any permits are initiated for development of this site.

Huntington Beach Tomorrow supports responsible planned growth and this development has already defaced wetlands, its dewatering and grading proposals are unsound for infrastructure and incompatible with existing neighborhoods. If water tables rise, if flooding occurs, more than just the future residents of this site will bear the costs. We request denial of CDP 5-11-69 as currently submitted.


Karen Jackle

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