2010 City Council Candidate Questionnaire

The following questionnaire was sent to all of the HB City Council Candidates.  We have summarized the candidates’ responses below and also attached their detailed responses in a PDF file at the bottom.


As city council member will you:                                                              

1.   Take actions to eliminate the prevailing wage provision for non-federal projects?

2.   Vote against Beach-Edinger projects that have unmitigated  “significant and unavoidable” impacts? 

3.   Vote against desalination projects using outdated technology? 

 4.   Take action to install a two-tier retirement system in 2011?  

5.   Take actions to bring the costs of city government in line with  the costs of the private sector?   

6.   Support current economic development policies/projects thatfavor income over impact on taxpayer/citizens quality of life?

 7.   Vote in favor of applications that remove open space/recreationzoning for private development purposes? 

8.   How much money do you plan to raise for your campaign?

9.   How much money is in your campaign account now?

 10.  What are the two most important reasons you decided to run for city council?

 A.   Dissatisfaction with the disconnect between elected officials and the voters.

B.   Desire to slow the growth of government.

2010 CCC Completed Questionnairs

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